Receiptie for KashFlow

Receiptie for KashFlow is a utility to automate the filing of electronic receipts into KashFlow.

Receiptie lives in the notification area of Windows. It monitors a special folder, when a electronic receipt (i.e. a pdf receipt file) is dropped into that folder Receiptie springs to life.

When a new receipt hits that watched folder Receiptie will prompt you to add the receipt to your KashFlow account, either assigning it to an existing receipt or allowing you to create a new receipt in the process.

Using Receiptie will save you time and hassle, no need to open up a browser, log into KashFlow, create a new receipt, save the receipt, rename the file to match the receipt reference KashFlow has given you, re-open the receipt, find the file and upload it, then copy the file to an archive location. With Receiptie you get prompted to select or create a new receipt, enter the basic details and the rest is automated.

Keeping your company accounts up-to-date is important and the easier it is to do the more likely it is to get done. KashFlow is a massive improvement over traditional accounts packages that were designed for accountants, Receiptie takes that one step further, by using the API provided by KashFlow Receiptie can automate the addition of the receipts you receive.

So, next time you purchase something and go to download the .pdf receipt, think about Receiptie and how nice it would be to save the receipt to a special folder on your disk and have Receiptie spring into life to add that receipt to your KashFlow account.

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